Working Holiday

NZ WHV 2012-2013: Cuota Full

The Chile Working Holiday Scheme was opened at 10:00am (New Zealand time) on Thursday 4 October 2012 (Wednesday 3 – 6pm in Chile time). INZ online system experienced severe technical difficulties due to a high volume of people already logged onto the system shortly after the scheme opened. A thorough investigation is being carried out regarding this issue.

Next year’s quota is scheduled to open in October 2013.

Immigration New Zealand apologises for any inconvenience this incident may have caused.

For information in Spanish about this type of visa, read carefully this link:

This is an application managed and decided by IBranch in New Zealand, so please don’t contact the embassy to obtain information about your application or request exceptions. For more FAQ and to solve problems during the application, visit the following link:


Traducción: Se acabaron las visas. Próxima postulación, Octubre de 2013.



  1. Paola Robson says:

    Estimados, cuando se abren las postulaciones 2013 para NZ? 

  2. francisca larravide says:

    hola, quisera saber cual es la fecha de postulación de este año 2013, gracias!

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