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Volunteer in Chile: Teach English.

The English Opens Doors Program (Programa Inglés Abre Puertas) was created in 2003 by the Chilean Ministry of Education. Supported by the United Nations Development Programme – Chile, English Opens Doors works to improve English-language education throughout the Chilean public school system by providing teacher training, instructional materials, language competitions, […]

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Chile, Natural Beauty at the end of the World

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Study Abroad Programs in Chile

Study Abroad in Chile Study Chile is an educational agency who provides educational services in Chile to students from all over the World. Study Chile provides immersion cultural programs, language programs, volunteering programs and any other tailor made programs at the most important universities in Chile. Study Chile owners have […]

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Blogs and websites about Chile is your guide to expat life in Chile.  Come here first with your questions about banking, signing up for cable TV, buying a bed, renewing your ID, and all those things you’d rather have someone else think about. (external link) Reflections on Chilean Culture.

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Joven Chileno(a)….

…cuál país es tu primera opción para una aventura con Working Holiday Visa?

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Chile – in close contact

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Se completaron los 1.000 cupos de la Working Holiday Scheme visa para Chilenos

Thursday, 8/10/09 En menos de 5 días se entregaron todas las visas. El programa de Visa de Vacaciones con Posiblidades de Trabajo para Chile “Working Holiday Scheme” para la ronda 2009-2010 se inició el 1° de octubre del 2009. La posibilidad de postular online atrajo tanto interés y visitas simultáneas […]

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Información sobre Dinamarca

– Servicio de Inmigración en Dinamarca – Embajada de Dinamarca en Chile – Información acerca de trabajar en Dinamarca – Información general de Dinamarca  

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Dinamarca: Working Holiday

Dinamarca: Working Holiday

Denmark has made a working holiday agreement with Chile. The working holiday program makes it possible for young people from these countries to get a residence permit in order to stay in Denmark for an extended period of time. The agreements go both ways and also make it possible for […]

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Cuándo te vas a NZ?

Si ya tienes tu Visa WH, a contar de hoy, cuándo te vas a NZ?

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