Study Abroad Programs in Chile

Study Abroad in Chile

Study Chile is an educational agency who provides educational
services in Chile to students from all over the World. Study Chile provides
immersion cultural programs, language programs, volunteering programs
and any other tailor made programs at the most important universities
in Chile.
Study Chile owners have a high respect and interest
for education, cultures and languages. They have had the opportunity of
living, working and studying abroad where they didn’t just learn a
language but also different cultures, a deeper knowledge of themselves
and what they were capable to do or not. They have had some local
experience in hospitality and tourism for international students, too.
All partners truly believe in providing high quality standard services
for every one interested in living an unforgettable experience abroad.

Why choosing Study Chile?

Study Chile is operated by people who have lived, studied abroad and
extensively traveled many countries. We know what it feels like being
away home. We are a professional team whom will assist the students
throughout the whole study abroad experience, since they first contact
us until the last day of the program when they get back home. Our staff
will assist you in all cultural, academic and living aspects and
continuously encourage you to go beyond your goals.


Academic Year Programs


Semester Programs


  • Univesidad Técnica Federico
    Santa María
  • 2010 First Semester UTFSM
  • 2010 Second Semester UTFSM


Summer Programs

  • Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
    • 2010 Summer 1 PUCV
    • 2010 Summer 2 PUCV


Intensive Month Programs

  • Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
    • January Spanish Language and Chilean
      Culture Program
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