Websites about Chile

If you are planning to visit Chile, these websites may be of your interest:

They are all governamental webpages.
are only providing the links, but we are not responsible for the
content. If you have any queries, please contact the Chilean Embassy or
the respective entity for further details:

  • Chilean Official website www.thisischile.cl (external link) – It includes information about business, tourism, visas, education in Chile.
    It opens in spanish, but the option in english language is also available.
  • Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs chileabroad.gov.cl/en (external link).
  • Chilean Tourism Service www.sernatur.cl
    (external link). It contains information about tourism in Chile in
    english and spanish. Travel guides available for downloading.

  • Chilean International Trade Prochile. Exports and Imports, Information about trade agreements and contact details of the offices around the world

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