World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms CHILE

World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms

(WWOOF) is a world wide network where volunteers (wwoofers) live and
learn on organic properties. WWOOF volunteers offer their help on the
farm and in return they learn about biological farming and local
culture. Food and accomodation are provided.

WWOOF Chile MR offers a list with near 70 organic farms. The list will be sent by e-mail and it may be asked for and paid for here.

There are two options:

– Single List, to be used by one person. It costs US$40

– Couple List, that can be used by 2 persons travelling together and staying in the same farm. It costs US$55.

Credit card payment can be made through “PayPal” or “Dinero Mail

Click here to ask for your list

WWOOF Chile works from 2002, and it has a lot of new farms registered, so the “WWOOF culture” is new to many growers.

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