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Conversor de divisas por OANDA

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Blogs and websites about Chile

expat.cl is your guide to expat life in Chile.  Come here first with your questions about banking, signing up for cable TV, buying a bed, renewing your ID, and all those things you’d rather have someone else think about. http://expat.cl/ (external link) http://cachandochile.wordpress.com/ Reflections on Chilean Culture.

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Chile: Tips

Buses: www.turbus.com Yellow Pages: www.amarillas.cl White Pages: www.blancas.cl News: www.santiagonews.cl (English) Sernatur: http://www.sernatur.cl/internacional/      

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Things to do in Chile

Things to do in Chile (External link)      

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Websites about Chile

If you are planning to visit Chile, these websites may be of your interest: They are all governamental webpages. We are only providing the links, but we are not responsible for the content. If you have any queries, please contact the Chilean Embassy or the respective entity for further details: […]

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