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WH New Zealand: Transferir visa a otro pasaporte

If you have renewed your passport (because it has expired, was lost/stolen or your name has changed), you need to transfer your valid visa into your new passport before you use it to travel. This applies regardless of whether you have a physical visa label or an e-visa or other label-less visa.

Process for transferring an e-visa or label-less visa

Working Holiday Visas, e-visas and other label-less visas which have been issued electronically (without a label) are recorded against the passport number at the time of your application.

If you get a new passport issued, you must inform us, so that your records can be updated, and you can continue to use the label-less visa for your travel to and from New Zealand.

The process for label-less visa is generally the same as the process advised below, except you are not required to pay an application fee and instead of completing the application form, you can write a request letter stating your identity, contact details and outlining your visa transfer request.

However, if you would like us to change your label-less visa to a visa label, the form and fee (listed below) will be required.

Process for transferring a visa into a new passport

To request a transfer of your visa, you will need to send the following documents to your nearest office (either in New Zealand or overseas):

  1. Your old passport, if it is available
    • If your old passport was lost/stolen, a copy of a police report is required, showing that the loss was reported
    • If your old passport was not returned to you with the new one, please provide a cover letter with your application advising of this
  2. Your new passport
    • If your name is different in your old passport – Evidence of name change (eg. certified copy of a marriage certificate or deed poll)
  3. A completed ‘Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa (1023)’
    • If you are transferring a label-less visa (or eVisa), you can submit a request letter instead of the application form, if you prefer. Ensure your letter includes your identity details, contact details and what it is that you are requesting
  4. A processing fee:
    • See below to find out the current transfer fee and which is your nearest processing office
    • If more than one family member is requesting a visa transfer at the same time (eg. applicant and/or partner, and/or child/ren), a separate completed application form and a separate fee is required for each person requesting a transfer.
    • An application fee is not required if you are transferring a label-less visa (or eVisa)

Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa (1023) PDF 286KB

Transfer fee and nearest office

If you are a New Zealand citizen but also hold a foreign passport

A resident visa (including permanent resident visas), cannot be transferred into a new foreign passport if you have since obtained NZ citizenship (by grant or descent) or have been issued with an evidentiary certificate of citizenship. This is because a New Zealand citizen is not able to hold a visa under the Immigration Act 2009.

In order to use your foreign passport for travel, and still be allowed to return to New Zealand as a citizen, you should request a NZ Citizen Endorsement and not a transfer of visa.

Request a NZ Citizen Endorsement

Fuente: Actualizado al 08/Ago/2016.



  1. Me acaban de dar mi pasaporte nuevo, me aprobaron la WH de NZ con mi pasaporte antiguo (vence en oct. 2017). En el sitio web de inmigración de NZ, dice que hay que acercarce al consulado mas cercano. Me he comunicado con la embajada vía telefónica, pero ellos aseguran que no ven este tipo de temas.

    ¿Saben algo mas de este proceso?

    Pienso ir a NZ en abril de 2016, por lo tanto, cumplo con el requisito de que mi pasaporte tiene vigencia a mas de tres meses despues de abril de 2017. ¿Saben si tendría algun problema en ingresar a NZ con mi pasaporte antiguo?


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